Saturday, March 4, 2017

Resuscitation of a Blog

 Code Blue . . .  Blog hallway D . . .

Code Blue . . . Blog hallway D . . .


Doctor, I think we’ve lost him.

Get it together woman! [slaps nurse across face]

Yes Doctor

Now listen here, you pathetic, frail, sack of no good outdated words. You breathe! Breathe I say! BREATHE!

Doctor, he’s not responding

[slaps nurse across face]

Start BPR! Call the fire department! Call Tom Cruise! Call Oprah!

Doctor, still no sign of life!

[nurse ducks]

Dammit nurse.  I haven’t lost a blog in 20 years. I’m not starting today. Try harder! Get the big eraser, wipe any contaminated files. He’s got to WANT to make it!

Yes Doctor. Right away Doctor.

Nurse, I’m going for my kale salad. I’ve got to get my brain food in so I can save this dusty old blog and be the hero these people need. Stay with him and don’t touch anything.

Yes Doctor. Of course.

( Doctor leaves room. Nurse leans down over the motionless blog  . . . )

Hey there little fella. I know you’re scared, lonely; nervous that people have forgotten you. But you’ve got to shake it off and come back to us. Think of everything you’ve accomplished, think of the smiles you’ve brought to otherwise empty days. Remember that one about eating ice cream cones on a Summer day? Remember? And you had to use a deposit ticket to clean the chocolate off the steering wheel. That was funny! It makes me chuckle just thinking about it.


And remember the one about Cotton at his first show? Mr James Dean of the horse world; how he talked to the ladies? And how his ego was so big you had to move over in the saddle to make room for it! Oh, it just tickles me every time!


Oh, and who could ever forgot the wonder and sentiment you brought to walking in the hoofprints of greatness? I mean, just look at me, I’m all verklempt. It still gives me the goosies!

You don’t have to be scared of what others will think. You just be you because that’s all you can be. And, well, you’re okay just the way you are. So come back little blog. We still need you. I still need you.

….beep ……beep……beep,beep.. . . beep,beep . . . beep,beep . . . beep,beep .

That’s my boy!

(Doctor walks into room)

Nurse! What have you done?!

[slaps Doctor across the room ]

Then the nurse, looking into the camera, says “I did what you couldn’t do, Doctor. I gave this story the hero it needed.

And you have a piece of Kale in your teeth.”


  1. Kind of hard on the doctor, but I loved it. :)

    1. Hey, that doctor had it coming! We all know one like him, lol


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